Irrigation Systems & Landscape Lighting in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

With new installation techniques and manufacturing technology, irrigation systems are more affordable than ever. All-Penn Lawn Sprinklers Systems in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, specializes in quality irrigation systems and landscape lighting, as well as a variety of landscape services to enhance your property.

Irrigation Systems 
Lawn Sprinklers:
Automatically water your lawn worry-free, saving precious time while increasing your home's value.

Flower & Landscape Sprinklers:
You'll never over- or under-water expensive trees or shrubs again with fully customizable watering programs to ensure a beautiful landscape.

Sprinkler, Irrigation Systems in Lancaster, PA

Planter Irrigation/Drip Systems:
Water your window box planters, patio pots, tub gardens, or hanging baskets without lugging around a hose or watering can.

Outdoor Lighting 
Illuminating Entrance Lights:
Illuminate your driveway or walkway while adding practicality as well as visual appeal. Your landscaping will thank you.

Uplights & Accent Lights:
Enhance your property with spot or accent lights strategically placed to highlight any focal point you wish.

Down Lights for Flood Security:
Protect your family at the basic level. Security lights with motion detectors are a great deterrent to unwanted guests. 

Uplighting, Recessed Lights:
Highlight your shrubs, pond, or buildings with lights that lie flush with the ground to achieve aesthetic effects.

Tree Backlights
Backlights are used to enhance your landscape in an artistic manner. A backlight may be used to create a shadow and bring attention and drama to focal plants.

Specialty Lights for Potted Plants:
Specialty lights have become more and more popular with the growing technology. They are mainly used around an outdoor living space, like a patio or deck, to create ambiance.

Pond & Pool Lighting:
Bring your pool or pond to life at night with waterproof lighting.

Tree Landscape & Tree/Shrub Transplants:
Are you tired of that shrub outside your front door that attracts bees? We can transplant your tree or shrub, customizing your landscape design.

Garden Design:
Whether it's to add beauty or hide an unsightly space in your yard, we can design a beautiful landscape for you. Landscaping is one of the best ways to improve the appearance of your home.

Walkways & Patio Design:
Experience hardscaping that will take your breath away!

We can drain unwanted water while hiding the downspouts, preserving your property's visual appeal.

Stone Pavers:
Create a new driveway, walkway, patio, steps, or area around a pool or spa.

Wall Systems:
Have a retaining wall installed to complement and increase the value of your property.

Hearth Scaping
Warm fire pits can enhance and beautify your outdoor getaway.

Landscape Ponds & More
A pond is a great way to enjoy your outdoor space and relax. We design and install ponds with your input to assure your full enjoyment. Many pond packages can be completed in less than a day!

Japanese Zen Garden & Sand Rock Hardscaping
Like a pond, a Zen Garden can be a great place to relax. Depending on the size and landscaping you choose for your Zen Garden, it could be a less expensive and lower-maintenance alternative to a pond.

Landscape, Mulch & Maintenance
Why spend your free time working on your lawn and landscape? All-Penn Lawn Sprinklers Systems offers these professional services to give you more time to do whatever you wish.

Contact us in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to request an estimate for any of our services including landscape lighting.